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It's time to update the Wedji Bio!

[Poll #1538466]

I hope to take some of the clever things you say and weave them into a bio for the upcoming faire season.

wordsmith I am not, but this is what I have so far )
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One of the highlights of FaerieCon was bullying the lead singer of Faun (amazing band you should totally check out) into giving my friend Marie(not pictured), a nyckelharpa lesson.

(the guy in the top hat was waiting patiently for Oliver to sign his cds)

There is something liberating about being painted green and wearing a long nose mask. Plus Marie is such a sweetheart but terribly shy. She didn't know how to ask him to help her with her bowing technique. Nyckelharpa players are far and few between, I couldn't let this opportunity pass her by. I want MORE Nyckelharpa players. :-)

He was signing cds, being all pretty, and Wedji tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around, and put his hands up and stepped back in (mock?) alarm. The conversation went something like this:
Wedji: you played good music up there on the stage. I liked it. good job.
Oliver: Thank you.
Wedji: see that lady over there? she's really nice. not like me. I have no tact. she plays the nyckelharpa too.
Oliver: really?
Wedji: you should find her tomorrow and show her some stuff.
Oliver: ok.
Wedji: I don't want to have to come and find you.....
Oliver: ok.
then I gave him a wedji button and made him confess his love for wedji.

wedji is a class act, all the way.

The next day, I was walking around the merchant area and I saw him. I walked right up to him (past the adoring fangirls...he really is a pretty boy) and pointed at him. He stepped back and put his hands up again (is it mock or is wedji really that scary looking?).
Wedji: did you find my friend????
Oliver: yes! yes! I helped her out! she plays very nicely! and see? I'm wearing the button!
Wedji: good. thanks. see ya later!

walked off.
Stay classy, Wedji. Stay classy.

PS. here is a picture of Marie getting her lesson. look how freaking happy she is!

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