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I recently noticed Mr. Squirrel's belly is uncharacteristically round. not the belly fat from being a chubby kitty, but more like he swallowed a whole volleyball. (about that big too).

now, he's not acting like he's hurt. he's still eating and pooping. but tonight he didn't hop off the bed when I came home. not that he always does, but he usually comes around when I'm cooking. (mooch)

after spending time looking for what it could be on the internet (which is just as bad as webMD.), everyone says to take the kitty to the vet.

well, I would love to. but I have NO money. I have money coming in, and I would be willing to make payments, but most of the vet places I looked at say payment in full.

what do I do?
do I wait it out and see if it goes away?
do I wait till I have extra money? (yeah, that'll happen)
how much is a vet visit?
do you know of a vet that does payments?

please, any suggestions you have would be appreciated. I'm a little worried.

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