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In kitty heaven you get belly rubs all day long & all the super chicken you can eat. I miss you already. :(

he was diagnosed with cancer in April, and every day since has been a gift. the vet didn't think he would make it a week, he did great for 7 more months! last week he stopped eating. it was his time.

such a sweet boy. He loved watching me practice the uke, and even had favorite songs. this guy loved Super Chicken so much he actually asked for it by name. I was stunned the first time I heard him say "chicken".

the most mellow cat ever. and he didn't play like regular cats. he was too damn smart. normal cats go nuts over laser pointers. this guy would look at the laser pointer in my hand, look at me with the "seriously?" look. then sigh and casually put his paw on the dot as if to say "oooh, look. excitement". he was the best straight man.

The only toy he really got into was the little furry mice. and only if he didn't think anyone was looking. he would pick it up with his mouth and toss it up into the air. and then pounce on it as it landed. even without his front claws (his first owner mangled the paws..grrr) he was a great mouser.

he was a rescue kitty. when he came to us, he was terrified of everything. we never called him by the name he came with. we always called him the Squirrelly cat. after about a year, he learned that we had nothing but love for him and he mellowed out. we couldn't call him Squirrelly any more, so he graduated to Mr. Squirrel.

my little furry slug. sleeping now.


Jul. 27th, 2008 02:12 pm
mabjustmab: (Purrlesque)
2 things.

1. he just growled at the thunder.
2. he now has his own kitteh icon. - Purrlesque!

that is all.

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