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I picked up a large package of ground beef from costco a while ago and portioned it out and froze it. now I have a recipe that calls for 1 pound.

how do I figure out a pound of ground beef without a scale? what does one pound look like?

ya, completely random.
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I picked up a ~huge~ bunch of bananas at costco for less than $2. I was thinking I would make banana bread out of them, but they are not ripening fast enough for me.

I did a google search for banana recipes, and there are so many different ones for some many areas, I was a little overwhelmed. I'm hoping you can help me narrow it down.

does anyone have recipe suggestions for bananas? in general, I do prefer warm bananas to cold. so for me, sautéed bananas are good, banana pudding is bad.

this is your chance to show off your really creative cook side!
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I suppose this might also be considered a public service announcement:

Eating In: Spiced Pumpkin Beer Bread

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