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Puppet Underground is pleased as punch to host the internationally acclaimed...

Bread and Puppet Theater: The Dirt Cheap Money Circus and Cabaret!

WHEN:   The Cabaret is Thursday, April 15th at 7pm

              The Circus is Friday, April 16th at 7pm AND

                                  Saturday, April 17th at 3pm

WHERE:  All shows at St. Stephen's Church (how we love them!)

                                   1525 Newton St NW

COST:  $5-$15 Sliding Scale Suggested Donation

VOLUNTEERS!: We need volunteers to be in the circus! If you are an adult or teen and can come to the Wed night (April 14) rehearsal, then you can perform in the Friday night and/or Saturday matinee shows! To volunteer and to get full rehearsal details, contact Puppet Underground at: PuppetUndergroundDC

The Dirt Cheap Money Cabaret

The latest edition of Bread and Puppet Theater’s cabaret series, the Dirt Cheap Money Cabaret, features the Jolly Battle between Mountaintop Removal Protesters and Mountaintop Machinery; an ancient take on bananas, a President, and a Chair; and much more, all interspersed with commentary from Karl Marx. The Even Cheaper Accordion and String ensemble will provide soothing sounds for winter-weary nerves.

The Dirt Cheap Money Circus

The Dirt Cheap Money Circus features the billionaire bonus celebration dance, the logic of the US Healthcare System, the history of humanity and the removal of a mountaintop,  interspersed with appearances by Karl Marx, who confronts the 2009 economic situation with his existential thoughts about money and our relationship to it.  And much more.  As always, this year’s circus performs to a live band.

Some of the circus acts are politically puzzling to adults, but accompanying kids can usually explain them. After each performance there will be an opportunity to savor the troupe's famous sourdough rye bread, smeared with garlic aioli, and to purchase the theater's Cheap Art.

About The Bread and Puppet Theater

Bread & Puppet has performed social justice theater with giant puppets for 45 years since forming on the streets of New York City in the 1960s. Their earliest work was on the subjects of war, rats, garbage collection and rent strikes. They pioneered the use of giant puppets in street protests against the Vietnam War. Bread & Puppet is internationally honored and performs each year on their farm in rural Vermont throughout July and August. In the off season, they tour domestically and internationally. So come see them while they're here!

Questions? Contact Puppet Underground at PuppetUndergroundDC

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(mostly just posting this so I can use my hypnotoad icon again.  well, that and there might be some interested folks on my f-list)

The White House announced that President Obama will hold a final, pre-vote rally for health care reform at the George Mason University Patriot Center on Friday.  The doors open at 9 a.m. with the President scheduled to speak around 11:30 a.m.  The event is open to the public and
no tickets are necessary.

I am calling for Fairfax County Democrats to join in the rally to support one of the most important pieces of legislation in our lifetime.  We are planning to have sign-carrying supporters surround the Patriot Center and roads leading to the area.  A sign making and phone banking party will take place Thursday afternoon from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on the George Mason campus.  Also we need your help Friday morning at 8 a.m. to stand outside the Patriot Center to greet people as they arrive.  Please come to join these efforts.  Extensive national media coverage is anticipated.  Every effort will be made to bring our rally supporters into the Patriot Center in time to hear the President.

The details and links to sign up are listed below.  Don’t let the Tea Party Republicans have the last word.  This is your chance to get involved and be heard.

  • Phone Bank and Sign Making
    Thursday, March 18th 4 - 8pm
    George Mason University - Patriot Center -Hospitality Room
    Park in one of the Regular Patriot Center Lots, walk around to the back of
    the Patriot Center past the loading dock on the east end of the building
    Entrance Says Administration Offices – Hospitality Room is on the left
  • Rally Volunteer Training
    Sign up here to volunteer
    Training - Thursday, March 18th 8pm
    Please attend this training if you are able to volunteer at the Rally on Friday!
    George Mason University - Patriot Center -Hospitality Room
    Park in one of the Regular Patriot Center Lots, walk around to the back of
    the Patriot Center past the loading dock on the east end of the building
    Entrance Says Administration Offices – Hospitality Room is on the left
  • Final March to Health Care Reform Rally
    Friday, March 19th 8am Sign-waving, 9am Doors Open
    George Mason University - Patriot Center
    500 Patriot Cir., Fairfax, VA 2203
    click here for directions
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Presented by Creative Alliance & QuestFest http://images/shim.gif
http://images/shim.gif http://images/shim.gif http://images/shim.gif


at Creative Alliance at The Patterson
3 1 3 4 Eastern Ave
BALTIMORE MD 21224-3963

Thu Mar 18-Sun Mar 21, Thu 7:30pm. Fri & Sat 8pm, Sun 3pm.
Thu & Sun $17, $14 mbrs & stus. Fri & Sat $23, $20 mbrs & stus. Adv. tixs sug.

Scaffolding crashes on clown! Raspberry jello splatters! Kilts inflate! Chicago's premiere physical theater company 500 Clown explodes Shakespeare' s classic. With grunts, groans, bruising battles and nary a word, three clowns try to mount the cursed Scottish play but implode in a back-stabbing massacre of physical risk and profoundly hilarious comedy. It was 2002 when we presented the sold-out Baltimore premiere of 500 Clown Macbeth, and for eight years our audiences have bugged us to bring the show back—so we did! Q&A follows.

"And with little more than a few choice lines from the original, some brazenly deconstructed ad-libs, a hospital emergency room's worth of death-defying gymnastics and off-the-wall stunts, plus a ferociously twisted sense of anarchy, they have turned `the Scottish play' into something fast, furious and insanely true to its core."
Chicago Sun-Times

"Entirely scattershot, ribald and exhilarating" New York Times

" Jaw dropping! Hilarious!" Chicago Tribune

" Comic intellectualism. ..with out being pretentious. " Variety

This tour of 500 Clown is made possible by a grant from Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts Regional Touring Program. Presented with support from Quest Productions & QuestFest. Supported by Susan Gould and Bo Willse.

Thursday show only—Members' Happy Hour 6:30 w/ food, $2 drinks & priority seating.

SIGNING: Sat Mar 20 Q & A is signed.
If you'd like a signer for another performance please contact Megan at the above number a week or more prior to the performance.

ADVANCE:The Clowns perform Macbeth on a 13' tall scaffolding that implodes around them, taking up a lot of our theater & reducing our capacity significantly, hence we encourage you to buy advance!
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I make no secret my views on drug use. I believe that people use drugs because they work. and I believe in use, not abuse.

to that end, I want to pass on info about an upcoming forum for learning about psychedelics (in NYC)

HORIZONS: Perspectives on Psychedelics
learn more! )
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passing on from an email:
Hi, all!

As most of you know, we are in the process of building our sets in Glen Burnie, MD. Due to our filming schedule, we could use some additional help this week. In particular, Wednesday night we will need several strong people to assist in moving some rather heavy 14 foot walls; however, if you are in the position to volunteer a few hours at any point this week, day or night, please feel free to stop on by.

The rough schedule for this week:

Today - after 1 p.m. until late
Tuesday through Friday - 10 a.m. until late
Saturday and Sunday - TBD

Address: 180 Penrod Ct., Ste. N & O
Glen Bernie, MD 21061

Tara Harrelson
Big Damn Fan Film, Inc.
Producer, Production Manager & Locations Director
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from the Swami:

Free Class: Marketing Your Business in the age of Twitter, Face book and You Tube

Thursday, May 28, 2009 - 6pm to 8pm

5002 Hayes Street, NE, WDC 20019

RSVP to Mr. Julius Ware II at president
Complimentary Admission
Refreshments will be served.
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Hey friends,

I'm hoping you can help spread the word about some exciting goings on with The DC Conspiracy comic collective (

First of all, the group is holding it's 4th annual Counter Culture Fest on Sunday, May 24, at the Soundry in Vienna, VA. It's a day of comics, art, crafts, education, and entertainment, details of which can be found here:

CCF4 also marks the print debut of the DCC's latest publication, "Doctor Dremo's Taphouse of Tall Tales and Short Stories: The Horrors of War." The writers and artists from the previous Dremo anthology, "The Wonders of Science," will be on hand once again to sign and sell this new 72-page black-and-white book. And "The Horrors of War" is also available to anyone interested who cannot make CCF4, via ComixPress:

If you're on Facebook, please feel free to check out the Doctor Dremo group for more on the book and the event.
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if you don't already subscribe to the [ profile] hellocraft feed, do it now.

for the slackers who are living under a rock:
it's time to register for Crafty Bastards 2009

do it.
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Found on the [ profile] buskers group

A new online presence for New York's buskers
Hi everyone,
I've set up a performance/art website for New York's street artists. There's a clickable map on the front page where you can see the location of street performers and artists, plus videos and photos and some contact information. It's supposed to showcase the talents of the artists and to provide them with an audience past that of the sidewalk. There's no money involved in the site, and any business you get from it is entirely yours. I'm not trying to make a buck, it's just a personal project of mine. I hope you like it, and I'm looking forward to getting feedback.

Here's the site:

Nick Broad
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Balkan Brass Band Workshop with Michael Ginsburg
Sunday, May 3, 2009, 11am-1pm

click for more info! )
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it looks like local craft blogger, [ profile] hellocraft is hosting a seminar for independent artists. now, while it's not performance based, a lot of the principles are the same.

passing on the info!

ps. if you don't subscribe to the [ profile] hellocraft feed, you should. now's your chance!

the Summit of Awesome )
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I got sent this, even if you cant make the audition, I think it'd be work it for you to sumbit via email, or pass it along to somebody who may be interested:

COMPANY: DDO Agency & Belluscious
Palms Hotel
Inside Rain Nightclub
Las Vegas , NV 89103

Telephone: NA
Fax: NA

INFO: Please mention VegasAuditions. com. Thank you very much.cut for your convenience )
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as found in [ profile] steamfashion, Chrononauts' Winter Stroll

a tour of the Smithsonian in steampunk attire. January 3rd, at 1pm.
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I suppose this might also be considered a public service announcement:

Eating In: Spiced Pumpkin Beer Bread

nom. )
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I'm going. is anyone else available? want to carpool?

also, suggested questions?

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts Workshop details: )
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EVENT: Bread and Puppet free show!
DATE & TIME: Oct 21-22
LOCATION: St. Stephen’s Church ( 1525 Newton St NW ; Corner of 16th and Newton )
Washington DC
DETAILS: The World-Famous Bread and Puppet Theater Will Perform in DC: )
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Tiraz Dance Network "Alternative Hafla"

When Sunday, October 26, 2008 3:30 PM

Where: McLean Community Center
1234 Ingleside Ave
McLean VA 22101

Event will feature innovative and experimental performances including Tribal Fusion and American Tribal, and fusions of Middle Eastern/belly dance movements/ music with other genres of dance and music.

Show time 3:30pm.

Tickets $5/person **MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE**
No tickets will be sold at the door.

Tickets available here!
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What: Guedra Workshop with Amara

When: November 15, 2008 2:00 PM

Price: $35.00 per person

Where: (A location has not been chosen yet.)

Meetup Description: Guedra is a women's blessing ritual of the Tuareg tribes (aka “Blue People”) of Algeria, Morocco & Niger. In this workshop, in addition to hand & arm movements & their meanings, you will learn the cultural context of this ritual as well as information on the Tuareg peoples. Music & costuming will also be discussed & we will actually DO a Guedra.

This workshop is appropriate for dancers of all levels. However, you do not need to be a dancer to attend. Anyone with an interest in spirituality or energy work will benefit from this workshop.

Space is limited to 8 participants.

The workshop will be from 2-4pm at my studio in Germantown, MD. Once I receive your registration, I will contact you with directions.

Cost: $35 if prepaid by November 8th. $40 at the door if space available.

For additional information and a registration form, please see

You can also contact me at 301-515-0003 or via email at

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