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Hi folks!

I'm hitting the library again today to return the last round of books, and I am nearly out of books on my check out list.

recently read:

Madeline is Sleeping - not bad, but it didn't keep me. I enjoyed the subject matter, but felt disjointed by the extremely short chapters. I liked the concept, but I found it difficult to read when I was trying to calm my head.

The Time Traver's Wife - great book. mowed through this one entirely too fast. loved it!

Fight Club - good book. I had been wanting to read this one for a while, I just kept putting it off.

(audio books)
Memoirs of a Geisha - I am currently listening to this one and really am enjoying what I am hearing. it's very much like someone telling me her story. this is the best format to enjoy this book, I think.

Animal Farm - I saw this at the library and I realized I had never read it. I still haven't. but it was a great listen. and Orwell is still one of my fav writers.

on my list to read:

"Water for Elephants" - as per Tara's recommendation.
Impossible Things by Connie Willis - as per my sister's christmas wish list.

any other books folks think I might enjoy?

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