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this just popped up in the lol cat feed.

and this was ~exactly~ what happened last night. (right down to the orange vs gray)
those bastards woke me up 3 times.
what kind of asshole cat picks on a cat with cancer? huh?
an Ash cat.

3 times.

I start to hear the scuffle kerfuffle, and I think they are just messing around.

then I hear to screaming.
pry my eyes open, shuffle out into the den.
they both look at me like "what?"

I yell at ash. NO. NO. BAD. NO. (like that does ~anything~)
I tell squirrel if he would just hop on the bed, then ash wouldn't pick on him. (the bed is solidly established no fight zone)
they both are all "naw. it's cool. just hanging out"

I go back to bed.

repeat just as I'm starting to fall back asleep.

after the third time, I cracked. I buckled and gave them a second dinner (at 2:30 am) of wet food. that'll shut them up.

and it did.

also, should be noted. this is NOT normal.
and the fighting has been minimum since squirrel got sick.

when I woke up this morning, I had a cat curled up on either side of me. the cute is what keep them alive.
one other note of interest. since squirrel gets really fat from the fluid building up, he don't like hopping up on the bed as much anymore. it was a real treat to wake up and see him there.

I slept in. it was too nice. the Id demanded I sleep in with the kitties. the fore-brain agreed that it was a good idea. cherish the moments. I was an hour and 1/2 late to work.
only marginally because Id was on a roll and demanded a chai latte.

can you call in late due to Id?
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this is what happens when you move a prop from one place to another. suddenly the kitty likes that spot.

a close up
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I was in the middle of an IM chat with a buddy, and Ash decided that he needed lap time. making it impossible to type, I grabbed my cell and snapped this pic. (and sent it to friend as a explanation for my sudden silence)

behold the cuteness )


Jul. 27th, 2008 02:12 pm
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2 things.

1. he just growled at the thunder.
2. he now has his own kitteh icon. - Purrlesque!

that is all.
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I just found out that ash, who has turned his nose up at "people food" since I've had him, the cat who wouldn't touch my leftover super chicken, goes ape crazy over beef jerky. I should have remembered that. beef jerky was an integral part of his coming to me.
the origin story of Ash, the cat )

Water cat

Jun. 16th, 2007 11:02 am
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Inspired by this post in [ profile] caturday, I finally got some cute pics of Ash playing in the sink.
click the image for the whole series:

it should also be noted, that I typed up this entry with a wet and happy cat sitting in my lap. :-)

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