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Doctor Who show - AWESOME! Great crew! seriously.  I love working with them. and Swami YoMahmi stepped up to assist with what might shape up to be a right and proper Dalek VS Doctor Sonic Screwdriver comedy bit.  Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.
Also tried out new song, Pew Pew, The Doctor Sonic'd Me Down.  The very tragic tale of a young Dalek and her relationship with the Doctor.
it was very well received.  Added Bonus! gifted owl pellets.  which will go into the exhibit midway booth
Vaudeball - also AWESOME! new venue that had some bumps.  AMAZING cast. holy crap I had never seen Joule MissJoule's SPY PENGUIN number before.  it was pure brilliance. Every act was beyond fantastic. and if I haven't told you personally, and you are reading this...everyone of you are incredible
Premiered my new Obama Oh! song.  it didn't suck.  the ever sassy Oliver Hotness cried out for "Four more verses!"  which was brilliant.  if I hadn't just finished writing the third verse hours before curtain, then I think that would have happened.  now I have to write four more verses.  :-)  
Added Bonus: there was another cry for me to record some of these goofy songs.  it was pitched well, and now I'm thinking about it
Hemlock Society - FINALLY! it's been far too long.  Even though I was up late the night before, and even though I had a show Sunday evening, I was in town and was determined to go to the jam session hosted by one Chris Griffin.  Met some new folks, who were splendid! and got to hang out with old friends who I don't see enough. and played the uke all day long! even though I was hoarse and losing my voice. I am weak. what can I say? I can never say no to the uke.
Added Bonus: razzing a 6 string bass player. too many strings.
Artists Inaugural Ball - AWESOME! this was my first gig at the Rock and Roll hotel.  It's a nice space!  ate fire across the street at an amazing courtyard, part of Gallery O on H. Since I showed up a bit early, I was able to talk with the owner, and he's all kinds of excited about having fun acts come through there.  I'm intrigued!  
After the fire, I did some walk around block head, traps, with a side of balloon.  the bugs I picked up were so feking sad, 1/2 dead, tiny, hard to see.  realized that no one would be able to see anything and it would be a bit of a hassle carrying them around all night.  but turns out that blockhead and mousetrap were plenty!  I think I gave some folks memories they will never be able to shed.  one lady was sitting by herself and seemed to be a bit glum.  so I asked her if I did some damage to myself, would that cheer her up?  by the end, she was laughing so hard, tears were starting to squish out.  it's moments like that that we all live for.  
Added Bonus: The party was so fun I actually stayed for several hours after my set.  (which, given the packed of the weekend, is very high praise indeed!)
I ended up on the roof, drinking warm bourbon apple cider, and chatting with new and old friends.  
Monday was funtime dental work. Which meant that I had to spend the rest of the day watching old Doctor Who episodes with a cat, soup, and grilled cheese.  
No actual productivity was achieved. Added Bonus: I did nothing
Today, I found the perfect interface for the photobooth booth.  ^_^ now I must go and pick it up.  Things are coming together.  There's more!  

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