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Dragon Con
a total of 5 days. 4 if you don't count monday travel day.

I have a ton of costumes.
no real reason to wear most of them except it will be fun.  they are not specific cosplay.  and they don't quite fit in with the group costumes that my buddies are doing.
but it's what I have.

I've narrowed it down to these - costume list as it currently stands.

starting point:
image behind cut )
mods: have alien eyeglasses. silver booty shorts.
still need to do: I want some kind of saucer skirt a la jetsons. I picked up one of those reflective window shade bits that I can play with.
trying to figure out another dress so I can wear this one for the monster costume. ordered a silver skirt, but it hasn't arrived yet, and I have my doubts that it will arrive in time.

Dalek Mab
Starting point:
image behind cut )
Mods: have a new plunger and wisk.
still need: I need to remake this skirt. it's falling apart. I have someone who thinks she can sew it in enough time. I just need to contact her today and finalize all of this.
once I get the new basic circle skirt, I want to put the hoop in (making it removable/collapsible this time) and attache the balls.
this is the most important costume for DC because it's what I'll be wearing to MC the show.

starting point:
image behind cut )
Mods: this outfit will nearly completely change. I have new antlers and ears, and a bunny tail. will probably be wearing my spring dress and the only face paint will be my nose.
still need to do: grind down the edges of the antlers skull so it's not as sharp. attach the ears to a headband. and put a pin in the bunny tail. should also probably figure out the nose painting.

Monochrome Mab
this will be something out of pleasentville.  no real reason other than I was thinking it would be cool
starting point:
images? )
I have my black and white dress that I use for my glass walking.  have the makeup for the skin tone.

this is lowest priority, and also the easiest to pack up and do on a whim.  pictures if I do it.

Monster Mab (also would work for Muppet hunter)
starting point:
pictures behind this cut )
mods: adding this cool green lama fur felted scarf that has tufts and eyeballs
want to make it more mohawkish.  will see.

other costumes that I have:
Steampunk with a pith helmet or top hat
tons of cute retro aprons
mad science doctor
Firefly captain mab

plus any kind of crazy mask makeup.  wigs, whatever.

not to mention, Wedji.  though, that's a big commitment.

ETA: and I forgot about the mermaids!  one of my FL buddies is organizing the merpod thing! need to hit her up for a spare tail!

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