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a collection of images that inspire me.

also, I think this is what the inside of my head looks like.

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t shirts?

Sep. 25th, 2008 10:42 pm
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Brook, (or any Kallisti) what was the website that you found a while ago that one could put logos on converse shoes?

and glitter print t shirts?

my google foo is not working....
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green Scroll - by mab
Originally uploaded by jaladrum.
I just whipped this one up testing some theories using my new brushes.

it's kind of like doing mehndi, once you learn the basic strokes, you just keep adding until it's done.

I then adjusted the transparency to 75% so the bits that overlap create something of "painted" or "inked" feel, adding more texture and variation.

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Circus Header - by Mab
Originally uploaded by jaladrum.
I spent a huge chunk of time yesterday working on this. I finally worked out how to get the old school french curves. I was delighted to make this. :0)

this was created in Illustrator using custom brushes, and custom appearances. which means that now that the brushes and appearance set is made, I can make any curly header with little effort!

I am already coming up with what to do to this one next: modifying the shades to create more illusion of depth and texture.

I like teaching myself more about the programs that I love.
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my Monkey
Originally uploaded by jaladrum.
I'm working on creating a mascot for my webpage. this is my version of the monkey that I took with me on many of my journeys. this is a work in progress.

this would be the first time I have ever attempted to create an animated character. he needs to look animated, even in stills. this is tough.

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