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Obligatory Post Where We Say Charlotte Allen Sucks

charlotte_allen.jpgYou've no doubt already read this impossibly horrible column penned by conservative freelance journalist Charlotte Allen that ran in the Washington Post on Sunday, but just in case you haven't gotten the outrage out of your system, consider this comment thread the place to do just that.

We hardly know how to begin to wrap our brains around this series of events: Allen, the same woman who wrote the Weekly Standard story dismissing the Jena Six incidents as having been made up, apparently pitched a column to Outlook section editors at the Washington Post about how women are dumber than men. These same editors reviewed the idea, decided they liked it, asked to see a draft, read the actual column, still liked it, and then published it. All along the way, several editors and copy editors were no doubt involved in the editorial process that went into this piece of total garbage, and at no point did anyone stop to say, hey, maybe we shouldn't publish this ignorant pack of lies. Consider our minds officially boggled.

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