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if you don't already subscribe to the [ profile] hellocraft feed, do it now.

for the slackers who are living under a rock:
it's time to register for Crafty Bastards 2009

do it.
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Public Service Announcement:

The Crafty Bastards Arts and Crafts Fair is back and we're looking for vendors!

To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we're hosting TWO shows in the D.C. metro area:

Crafty Bastards Silver Spring
Saturday, June 28th
Pyramid Atlantic Art Center (8230 Georgia Ave. in Silver Spring, MD)

Crafty Bastards DC
Sunday, September 28th
At the Marie Reed Learning Center (18th St. and Wyoming Ave. in Washington, DC)

Check out our Web site for information, including how to apply, photos and video from last year!

For the application, we'll need the following items:
* Contact info
* Artist's statement
* Three digital images
* Agreement to the rules and regulations
* $10 application fee (via PayPal)

The application deadline for the Silver Spring shindig is Wednesday, April 16.

This is a juried fair and we expect a competitive field, so please send high-quality images of your craft. For more info, check out our nifty FAQ page--or feel free to contact us with any questions! Stay tuned to the Crafty blog for event information and application tips from Crafty Bastards veteran Tina Seamonster.

Hugs from the Crafty Crew!

~Kim & Sara

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