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quest for canned coffee -

Research Mission

I live in a world where I have to admit my addiction to coffee. I also acknowledge that there are times when I cannot get a fresh hot cuppa. In those desperate time, I have stockpiled cans of coffee, for emergency use only. my primary source has been cut off. (*lament*) and I am searching for an alternative.

In the past I have picked up, on the cheap, cans of coffee from the local Asian market. Seems Korea loves canned coffee as much as I do. there were many options, and it was hard to figure out which was good and which was not. so I picked up one of each.

I will document my findings, so other addicts can benefit from my discoveries (and suffering).

Test Subject 1 - Mr. Brown Iced Coffee

Label written in English
Ingredients - Water, coffee extract, sugar, milk powder, emulsifier, flavor
Product of King Car Food IND.CO.LTD

Nutrition Information:

Calories - 104
total fat 1.4
sat fat - 1
trans fat .1

Review -
I am a little disheartened that the my first foray into this taste testing adventure had to start off like this. And I have to add, I can't even say with confidence that this is the bottom of the heap. I suspect I have quite an adventure ahead of me.

I would like to subscribe to the adage: "if you can't say something nice....", but that would kind of defeat the purpose of the review. so, I suppose I will try to be somewhat positive. For the most part, I was rather excited about this one simply for the name, Mr. Brown. That was where my joy ended.

Mr. Brown had something of a nutty taste (which I don't much care for in my coffee, but some people do). not as much milk as I like. a bit on the bitter side. with a chemical aftertaste. I couldn't finish the can. (and that is saying something, as I am one to drink day old coffee)

Verdict -
I am having a very hard time finding any redeeming value to this. seriously, it was that bad.
Do not recommend.
would not buy again.
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after repeated trips to trader joes to find that most necessary of nectars, the triple espresso latte in a can, I learned that they are no longer carrying them.


they were the perfect blend of sweet and coffee for a measly buck twenty nine.

I am trying to find an alternative that is comparably priced. starbucks has their own version for twice the price. I'm not that crazy about giving the great drug lord any more of my money than I already do, and I would rather find another alternative.

does anyone out there know where I can get cans of iced coffee for a decent price?

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